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Vaughn Plywood Inc. was founded in 1976 nestled along the Alabama River and CSX Rail yard in downtown Montgomery, Alabama. The business was originally started by Mr. Bob Vaughn to supply local cabinet shops with quality plywood and lumber as well as Formica laminate. As the business grew; Mr. Vaughn transitioned into dimensional lumber, decking, sheetrock, & other building products. As Mr. Vaughn came to retirement in 1999, the business changed hands and became what is Vaughn Plywood Inc. today. The inventory was transitioned to not only quality plywood, lumber, and Formica laminate but also many other products that are used to manufacture custom cabinetry, millwork, and casework. In 2000 Vaughn Plywood Inc. opened its countertop shop where we continue to cut custom laminate countertops. As the industry is constantly changing we continue to add new products to our inventory to meet the need of every customer’s expectations.


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